The Emperor’s New Clothes

Came up with a few anti imperial punch lines to tag this piece. Ah, I should go out in the streets and do some real graffiti. Wonder what Freud would say about this relation to authorities? A detail about this piece is that the statue is removable. I plan to do some other stuff to replace it with, like a chaos ritualfiresomething etc. As well I plan to make a “how to” file for every piece on the table. Hope to be up with it soon. Until then, enjoy the new pics!




6 responses to “The Emperor’s New Clothes

  1. no way! i thought i was to only one who still had the old ruins from the boxed starter set from way back! i only got the set of two thou, you seem to have two sets of two for the corners :D..did they sell em seperatly, i never looked!…funny i should use them the same day you post this awesome tile!

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