Back again! Today’d to do list included making Zombies for a upcoming wargames convent. I came up with a few ideas of making different kind of zombies with different rules: Standard, tough, crawlers, runners, exposive and a really big one. Here’s some pictures exept for the last one (I’ll compensate by taking half of the picture with my hand in it 🙂 )














8 responses to “Zombies!!

    • Thanks man! I’m planning to do some scenarions for the convent where the players play an Enforcer gang and I the zombies, like a quest game. I’m working on the rules at the moment. Actually it’s just at the idea stadium 🙂 I’ll post the scenario when it¨s finished.

      Cool Ogre! Exactly what I planned to do myself!

      Slug? You mean the monsterthing? In that case it’s a friends old nurgle beast. We’ve been using them in a homemade monster scenario. Was it that one you meant?

  1. Great zombies! I really like de zombiefied imperial guard. BTW, the 7th zombie, the torso and legs are from an orc sprue?
    Awesome blog!

    • Thanks man! Yeah, I think they got the right “feeling” 🙂 jupp, the 7th zombie is just an orcbody with zombieparts. It looked too bizarre to not be done 🙂 “The seventh zombie” sounds like a name for the scenario, thanks again!

  2. my favorite is the rebel guardsman one

    yes, beast of nurgle, thats it!

    its cool to make your own scenarios, im planning to do kind of a role playing scenario with necromunda rules. everyone gets one character, and one plays the opposing side as game master.

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