Finished cops

Just finished the bases and took some better photos then yesterday. Stop! In the name of the Emperor!








15 responses to “Finished cops

  1. Really nice!

    Have you seen the leaked photos from the upcoming 40K starter box? Cultists galore! I think you’ll like them. Check it out!

    (Vill du att man skriver på engelska för dina internationella läsare eller duger svenska?)

  2. ask and thou shall recieve!

    also, loving the cops 😀 played as gang or seperate characters for that thing you mentioned?

    • This was truely awesome!! Really have to make an army now 🙂 The enforcers are made for the zombie scenario but nothing stops me from playing them later 🙂 Many thanks for the sneak peaks 🙂

      • they look very tempting indeed, but i already have so much unpainted stuff i cant justify getting the shiny new as soon as it out….but we all know shiny new model syndrome…

        my krieg command squad arrived from russia today 😀 the officer will soon be decapitated for a more suitable head 😀

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