StockBowl team

Finally I’ve decided what to play at StockBowl: Vampires! So it’s back to the painting table. Yeez only one month. Luckily it’s just a team, not an army! Phew! Here’s the roster

Sylvania Saints

Ilie Lupescu – Vampire + Leap
Dragomir Lupescu – Vampire + Block
Grigore Lupescu – Vampire + Block
Vasilica Lupescu – Vampire + Dodge
Lucian Lupescu – Vampire + Dodge

Vali – Thrall
Tudor – Thrall
Luca – Thrall
Dumitru – Thrall
Bogdan – Thrall
Dinu – Thrall
Elena – Thrall
Irina – Thrall

Dumitru – Assisting Coach
Virginia – Cheerleader

3 re-rolls

Wish me Good Luck!


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