Vampires vs Lizardmen

Today I played a training match against a friend’s lizardmen. None of us hade the right models so we took what we had from this summer’s Stunty Cup. That’s why it looks like Ogres against Fairys. It often strikes me how different it is to play with an unskilled team. Especially when up against dodgers and you don’t have block. Anyway, I took the lead by 2-0 but Mike reduced to 2-1 and in turn 15 to 2-2. Damn! I still think the Vampires work quite fine. Bloodlust isn’t too much of a handicap after all and I really love their statline. Unfortunatly a great statline doesn’t prevent fouls. In the start if each drive Mike badly hurted two of my Vampires with fouls. You will be haunted!



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