Nerds’ day

Saturday, what to do? Play a game of warhammer and blood bowl, both against tjub which is also going to Stockbowl this fall. The battle between my orcs and tjub’s chaos dwarfs went pretty well. Tjub played with a k’dai destroyer and a flying something. The destroyer chewed too hard on the warboss battle axe of the last waaagh and the orher thing was later a part of the spear chukka barbecue afterparty. In the end there were a block of bitter dwarfs left and most of the greenskins. I consider it a win! Then to the bloodbowl game, another training game for Stockbowl. This time the bloodlust messed it up a bit but on the other hand being a bonehead isn’t east either. All the rerolls were gone like butter in the sun and it was a quite open game which ended 2-2. Here’s some pics from the battle!






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