One month of emptiness is over

Maybe it was winning the this winter’s elf cup Snöbollskrieg 1 or maybe it was tjub kicking my ass, somehow I got in from all geocaching and started painting again. Gawd I wish I had only one hobby sometimes! Well, I’ve got a new starplayerstatusrunner, ms Witraven after the cup and I had to pimp her up. She’s got a completiongrudge with a wood elf thrower Cerlion aka sälen (the seal in Swedish) so I started with a C-tattoo on her but and a bag och bountymoney in her hand. Later I decieded to replace the model with a new more starlooking one. Thanks to my sweetest class (I’m a teachet) I’ve got some usefull stuff as a christmasgift, love you Na11a! I think she will look pretty awesome with her nice skill list: dump off, pass, dodge, accurate, safe throw and AG5. Wooop wooop! Finished some other detals as well for the new upcoming season 4.







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