More wip and triple trouble

Ended up in a three way fight tonight against morkas (or possibly gorkas) and Rebel Grotz. Can’t say I won but I did it with “Onnor”. Had some time to put some more details in both the two orks from yesterday and the truck.







4 responses to “More wip and triple trouble

  1. Hi!
    Absolutely brilliant looking gang there and the Orky vehicles brilliant too!
    How are you finding Gorkamorka? I remember it being great fun back in the day but a bit limited…
    All the best!

    • Hi! Thanks a lot! Feels nice you like it! I agree, it’s great fun but as a game considered it’s not the best. We play it more in the sense of a role playing game. Like, see what crazy stuff that can happen to a mob of maniacs, no optimization of gear and always go for what the boyz probably should do 🙂 Not much tactics over all…
      Thanks again!

  2. Fantastic looking mob.
    I miss playing Gorkamorka so very much.
    It was a game that never failed to make me laugh.
    I wonder if I can convince some of my gaming group to try it out…

    • Thank you very much! Totally agree! You can always begin a little persuasion campaign with sharing some links. Maybe just happen to leave your gorkamorka models on the gaming table 🙂 Sooner or later they will be convinced! Waaagh!

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