Pair of Knights?

Not really! But two examples of inverted wisdom roaming the desert. One of them armed with only grenades grenades and painted like my blood bowl team with corpse paint. The other with a spear and shield. Hi tech…





5 responses to “Pair of Knights?

  1. AARGH! You are making me want to start some Gorkamorka gangs now! But seriously, those are some awesome paint jobs on the orks and you’ve given each of them a fantastic amount of character!

    Just out of interest whats your ork skin recipe as its really effective. The one I use tends to give them a really bright finish but the duller tone works brilliantly.

    All the best!

    • @Spacecow Smith :Waaagh yeah! Just do it! I actually went for some variations with this gang but mostly it’s catachan green or death world forest highlighted with camo green or ogryn camo. Thanks a lot for all positive feedback! 😀

      @Teem : vad menar du? Polen? 🙂

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