Cacti and Crap

Back from Istanbul went straight to work so to speak. I also convinced my girlfriend to make some old school retro cacti like in the old source books. I used one to decorate a pile of crashed junk. I’ll paint them tomorrow. I undercoated some more delaques as well but they just look like “usual suspects” in this pic.




4 responses to “Cacti and Crap

  1. Oh yes!!!
    Proper old-skool round cocktail stick spiked cacti!!!
    Are you going for the retro green with red spike colour scheme too?

    • Almost, at least green/red but maybe not goblin green/blood red 🙂 We’ll see, it would be nice to go with the retro theme all way but it might not melt in with the other terrain pieces very well. I’ll paint them tonight I think 🙂

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