Front line assembly

While waiting for the spray on the spider riders to dry I continued on the charioteers. I wanted the boss to have a chain in his hand but I had to solve the problem with him standing on a loose base as well. I put some magnets in the hand and yoke and hid them with greenstuff. It’s now possible to remove the chain when on foot. I continued on the save king on nightmare as well adding some groin cloth and jaws. Looks more like a king now! Finally I started the boring assembly line of seven old savage orc boar boyz.







9 responses to “Front line assembly

  1. I’ve been absolutely loving your Orcs and Goblins lately. You’re doing some fantastic work.

    • Thank you! Orcs are my first and last love in this game and the bit box keeps growing so it’s always a fun thing to see what could be done with some spare parts from previous projects. I like that you like it 🙂

      • My first love to 🙂
        I’m planning on getting back to my Night Goblin army and putting some much awaited work into them once I’ve got my current project out of the way.

      • I’ve already got a Night Goblin army, but it was pretty much assembled and painted to tabletop standard so I could get straight to gaming.

        I went for a couple of big hordes and several smaller mobs all with maximum Fanatic load-outs. With lots of Squigs and several Shamans.

        It’s a fun little army, it just lacked a personal touch.

        I’m probably going to go for more of the same, but I want to personalise it a lot more and make the units look less regimented and more like a rabble of goblins.

        So I won’t be touching the army I have, I’ll build a new one from scratch with a lot more life to it 🙂

      • Also, just remembered…

        I was planning on the new army being built around a couple of rival warbands that have banded together in an uneasy alliance. Built around their respective bosses/shamans and wearing their tribe insignia on their shields/clothing.

        I thought it would have a twofold effect, it would give the army a little character and it would also have the added benefit of being able to distinguish between units on the table too.

      • Sounds like a good plan to me! Always love goblin armies. I don’t know why? I think an easy way to get some more character to the army is to do some regiment “fillers”. Not like an excuse to not paint though. It would be a cool scene with a big flag from the rivals in the unit. Like some kind of ritual going on between the ranks looking like fans under flag on a football stadium. Maybe lead by some guck throwing shaman?
        Hmm… Maybe I’ll steal my own idea 🙂

  2. Coolt, men vad är det som din savarge orc big boss rider på egentligen?
    Fiffig lösning med magneterna, då slipper du ha en extra gubbe till fots liksom

    • Tackar! När jag startade armén för 10 år sen hade jag temat savage orc vampire slayers och fick tag i en billig vampire on winged nightmare. Skulle mest ha vampyren till att spika upp på standard. Flygdjuret fick ligga till sig nåt decennium och helt plötsligt kom jag på idéen att det kan vara erövrat från nån otäck vampyr. På basen ligger såklart huvudet från den tidigare ägaren och skölden. Voila! 🙂

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