Shrines and electronics

Another day another yen (spent). Very well spent though. Started with the Imperial Palace Park. Beautiful all the way! And great inspiration for a Bushido table! Next, some more shrines. Also awesome and beyond. Last, Electronic City aka Akibahara. This is a quite strange place with lots of electronic stores, video game halls and a lot of “maids” on the streets advertising for their maid cafés. Suspicious… Found a two stories hobby store and bought a new brush. Yay! Above was another more weird shop: some military surplus place. The weird about it was that you could by old nazi uniforms and old ww2 German hats and emblems. Not too political correct at home. Found some video game stores as well and reflected back to earlier at the temple when I saw someone’s deepest wish 🙂









2 responses to “Shrines and electronics

  1. hey i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate your blog! i really like the sector how to posts, they are very helpful to me in just getting started with making terrain. anyway thanks!

    • Awesome! I really appreciate your comments! 🙂 Glad you liked the tutorials! I plan to do some more later this summer. I’ve got a whole bunch of old computers and bulkheads ready for action! Thanks again! Arrigato

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