Apocalyptic decoration

Had some final details left on these walkways. One of the readers, Dies, reminded me that there is some kind of art in the apocalypse. With this in mind I went ahead and tried to give the tags and graffiti the feel of an abandoned society. Wonder why I’m always drawn to this theme…










4 responses to “Apocalyptic decoration

  1. haha! I also have some kind of weird attraction to the end of times.

    I love these kind of gaming tables where you can spend hours just looking for details and little stories instead of playing.

    As usual, awesome job!

    • It’s a kind of tactic to distract your opponent. When he’s totally in to reading some strange story by some weird mutants you move your models behind cover. And suddenly: “oh, I didn’t notice that model”. Hehe…

      Thanks again Dies!

  2. I love using the posters crumpled on the floor rather than always on a wall. I printed out a set of these from YakTribe that I will be adding to my terrain

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