Detailing the hive vents

Started this morning with detailing the now dry tower. I wanted to create some kind of crane and found some orc buggy parts originally a ball and chain. As the motor I used an orc killer can. Strange how well orc technology suits imperial hive constructions. I continued with some etched brass imperial eagles and some vox casters. The ladders were glued and some rubble and finally I coated the foamboard with varnish, just to be sure the spray won’t damage the surface.







4 responses to “Detailing the hive vents

  1. Looks great. A whole table with the vents would be epically awesome! And putting a platform with some hive city stuff on the vents would be breacking all borders of epicness! Great work! Go on! 😀

    • Thanks Logan!
      I actually have some plans for something like it. I plan to build another tower of the same height and a ramp across the board. Like a rail or something above ground. All connected I think it will look like a complete 3d maze 🙂

  2. I think you should put hatches above the original bulkheads ladders to make them have a purpose and serve as your way up the tower.

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