Painting the hive vents wip

After an extremely even game of Warhammer against vampire counts I started to paint the hive vents. It’s not completely painted yet. I’ll go over it with some weathering tomorrow. I think it works quite fine with the other buildings as well. Not completely satisfying. I didn’t bother to check if the levels on the vents were on the same hight as the other buildings. I found out that this was not really the case. I think it’s easy just to heighten the vents by a 1″ layer of Styrofoam under. We’ll see if it’s necessary.







2 responses to “Painting the hive vents wip

  1. Dude! Fast building, fast painting and 5 stars quality! I bet you’ve made a pact with chaos entities…

    it seems it works good enough with the other of your buildings. You can always add some magnets to the walkways and buildings to be a little more safe.

    • Thanks Dies! The pact was sealed long time ago 😉
      The magnet idea seams great. I think it might be possible. AND very useful! Some kind of rounded joints could work. Tricky to explain. I hope it will be more clear when done 🙂

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