Slag hole

Started on a new tile, a slag hole. Previously some kind of imperial  vehicle inspection but something in the unstable structure below crashed which created a hole filled with worthy minerals. This a new kind of tile which goes below the lowest floor. The whole table rests on 2″ Styrofoam. This one uses this space below the tiles. To create the hole I just smashed a tile and glued it together again on the Styrofoam.







4 responses to “Slag hole

      • I thought of doing the sewers and dungeons thing, but in a different table, having the possibility to play a paralel game where what happens in one game affects the other. Something similar to “Zone Mortalis” from Forgeworld. But doing that on the same table on different levels must be awesome.

      • Yeah that’s probably the most playable option! I just have a “dream” that it would be so cool with all in one table. Like an ant farm 🙂 Hmm… Maybe it’s possible… I’ll probably go for your idea when it happens!

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