Empire speed painting day 2.2

The first units are finished! One hand gunners and one knights. The Knights look a little dull but I’m still satisfied with the result. 20 spearmen are waiting to dry and the cannon is at least sprayed. 40 models in 48 hours if everything turns out as planned. Maybe an army in one week is possible?!






4 responses to “Empire speed painting day 2.2

  1. It’s amazing to see how fast are you working with this army. And the results are great! If I ever start collecting another army (may my wallet forgive me…) I will give dipping a chance.

    Looking at your work I think it is totally possible to finish that army in one week. And I thought I was fast with nurgle demons using just inks… how naive xD

  2. Nice one, they’re looking pretty good (especially given the speed with which you’ve got them painted up). The bases really help as well, good quality basing brings up the overall appearance of any miniature. As for the knights I reckon they look fine (again, especially given how fast you got them finished) but if they’re bothering you there’s nothing says you can’t go back and give them a touch up at a later date (maybe a drybrush on the plumes would do it?).

    Good luck getting the rest of them done! 🙂

    • Thanks wudugast! Exactly, I’ll probably go over them after It’s all finished. I share your thoughts there about getting the plumes and barding a drybrush. Thanks again!

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