Empire speed painting day 5.2

Both progress and setbacks today. I had to do something else but painting and started a little later. I managed to paint and dip 20 more spearmen and at least paint 3 demigryphs. Here comes the little setback. I wanted to go for a black and gold armour but the brown dip on the black plate didn’t look good. I’ll try something else tomorrow.







7 responses to “Empire speed painting day 5.2

  1. Tycker inte att det ser så farligt ut… Men kan du inte matta och måla svart på bara? Med tanke på hur skitiga de övriga är, så kan man ju tänka sig att gripryttarna också är rätt dammiga. Så lite brunt i deras rustning är väl inte fel?
    På bild såg de iaf bättre ut än knigtsen! 🙂

  2. It’s really amazing to see an entire army take shape in such a short period of time. I’d be really interested to read about the overall experience when the horror is over and you’re finished and have some time again. 🙂

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