Empire speed painting day 6

Only one day left! I think I will almost reach my goal. I’ve got some basing, a cannon, characters and 8 knights left for tomorrow. It’s possible  at least! Today I’ve completed the demigryphs except for the bases and shields, 20 state troops except for bases as well and based 20 more spearmen. See you tomorrow, backpain.







11 responses to “Empire speed painting day 6

    • Thanks Spacecow! I were suspicious until I actually tried it. Of course, there’s a limit of how detailed a dipped model can be but when it comes to speed painting it’s a winner!

  1. Tja! MÄste sÀga att jag Àlskar din blog! Fantastiskt roligt att lÀsa och se vilken fart du har pÄ ditt mÄlande. Vart ifrÄn vÄrt avlÄnga land kommer du? Har tankar pÄ att Äteruppta mitt mÄlande men inte mÄnga som spelar dÀr jag bort tyvÀrr :/

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