Empire speed painting day 7

Final day! And finally I’ve got the army book 🙂 To the painting: every model is now painted, the last few Knights and characters are not based though. They had to dry overnight. I found some old mordheim with hunter models and a classic Warhammer quest wizard. I had some better options but I didn’t want to dip them so I went for these three fellas.


The unit of Knights looks quite massive. I hope cav is getting better in 9th ed, better deliver what you look like if you’re on a horse with a lance wearing armour. I mixed in a few demigryph heads in the unit to get some variance.


I’ve also painted the second cannon and crew.


Overall I think this was an awesome project, painting a 140 model army in one week. The key to ok standards for the paint job was really the dipping technique. I used the army painter quick shade strong tone and I think it was the right decision. I used army painter anti shine afterwards even though I haven’t done it on all the models yet. I’m planning to get some varnish on the blank surfaces again later to help for example metal look shinier again. I tried a few applying techniques for the dip. First I tried to apply it and remove the excess paint with a large brush. It worked fairly but left some brush strokes. Secondly I tried dipping and then remove the excess paint with just air from the airbrush. It left no marks but it didn’t remove as much as I wanted. Finally I used the recommended technique to shake it of. It was definitely the best but be careful to hold the model. The bases took a little damage from the tonges (did I spell that right?) though. I went for a quite easy colour scheme. For the first I did only brush paint about 30% of the total area of the model leaving most of it white. Reikland uniforms are quite handy sometimes. For the second I mostly used on layer for every colour and left the details to the dip. I also used a quite reduced palette. About 6 or 7 colours for each model.

I’ll finish the last bases in a few days. I’m going back to work tomorrow… The first plan were to include some huntsmen and a volley gun but the didn’t have any in store so I’ll have to get them later. I think I’ll get an extra rank to the spearmen horde as well with some flagellants and outsiders. And yeah of course another wizard.





Last, I want to write a few words about the basing. I think the crack paint agrellan earth and agrax earthshade worked totally awesome together! Such an easy way to do great looking bases in just two layers. I finished the of with some green grass.



That’s it for now. Crazy week! About 70 hours of painting on 140 models. I’ll fix the last details and then I want to try ’em on the battlefield!



8 responses to “Empire speed painting day 7

  1. Kudos, jobs a gud ‘un! 😀

    I spent a bit more time painting my 100+ green tide formation for my Orks but I also used dip, though the light one. Personally I prefer applying it with a brush as you have more control on the amount. I use thin gloves meant for mechanics to hold it to avoid accidents or ruining the base.

    Still fantastic achievement so early in the year! What’s next?

  2. There is a time and a place for dipping miniatures and you look like you have completely nailed it. Fantastic and inspirational stuff. Well done.

  3. Really cool to follow all the process. It’s inspiring to see that finishing that amount of troops in 1 week is possible! Congrats!

  4. Really great work, particularly given the size of the army.

    Although for most people 70 hours is a lot of hobby time! For me that would be more than I get in four months. Very fortunate that you were able to get it all in one dose.

    And the huntsmen kit is probably my favorite ever, so I am eager to see what you do with it.

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