I found the original head of my black orc blocker Oggun. I found some old but unfortunately dry grey stuff. It was sufficient to fill the gaps though. I still haven’t decided if I’ll go gore the bare head or crown.




9 responses to “Oggun

  1. With the crown, although not very “orky”, adds some level of majesty and “feel like a boss” that’s something a star player should have!

  2. Hmm, I fear I’ll have to be the odd one out here: I think I prefer the version without the crown, because the model just looks more threatening that way — but then, I think it really comes down to which effect your are going for, first and foremost:

    Should the model look bulky, threatening and imposing above all else? Or should there be a humourous touch? In the former case, go without the crown, in the latter, the crown should stay 😉

    It’s a great model, in any case!

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