It’s all about the magnets

By request from David this is some quick advice of how to use magnets. The griffon will be quite a pain in the ass to transport and I wanted to use different options for the rider and heads so I magnetized the wings, head and beast plate. I use to drill a small hole for the magnets where necessary. Working with magnets is an easy way to lose your temper. Small magnets which sticks to your fingers, magnets sticking to other magnets, magnets sticking to metal tools and when you finally get it in the right position you’ve probably turned the poles wrong… The only advice I can give is think a lot before doing anything. Here’s some detailed pics of how my griffon were magnetized. I’ve use some different sizes which I bought from or something similar 🙂






4 responses to “It’s all about the magnets

  1. I have this Griffon too and I am a QuickShade fan, so I can’t wait to see your mini painted and dipped… 🙂 Great results on your Empire army.

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