Archers and huntsmen

I began to be quite worried about running out of Empire models to paint when home trying to fight some kind of influenza. Luckily my friend Jens could pick some models up which I’ve ordered earlier. Thanks Jens! I began the assembly and found a fantastic feature, a wounded orc. I really do love this range of Empire sets. Especially the troop sets. Amazing! All the funny details which you don’t really see on the promotion pictures. Awesome GW! Unfortunately my health broke my inspiration and I stopped at two models…




2 responses to “Archers and huntsmen

  1. I love the huntsmen/archer kit, because it is “warhammery” without being cartoonish, and because it has such a variety of options. For example, instead of making huntsmen or archers, it is very easy to make a Mordheim warband out of it…

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