Archers and huntsmen

I managed to paint and dip the rest of the mixed bowmen. I hope I didn’t infect them with some kind of Nurglish sickness…




2 responses to “Archers and huntsmen

  1. I haven’t commented on your blog for a while, but I have been following your progress on the Empire army.

    Great work getting so many miniatures ready for the table. I’d love to invest some time into my own Empire army, but unfortunately I’ve too many other things I’m working on right now.

    On a side note, I’ve been ill for the last week or so; I’m just about coming around, get well soon 🙂

    • Thanks stygianheart! I really do love the range of minis and having heard the rumors about 9th ed I think it’s time to do something before they’re gone. An empire army can’t be too much of a trouble for you! Only 200 figures to paint 😉 I hop you get well soon as well! 🙂

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