Batch painting

Ok, This might be quite boring. It’s somekind of race against myself, not even close to creative but still works as therapy. What? To paint 50 models in one go, leather on 50 models, metal on 50 models, skin on 50 models etc. It went pretty quickly though, maybe around 6 hours from being sprayed until dipped. I hope to play with them on Sunday against undead. When I’ve done these last models that I bought last week I really have to take a small break in this crazy speed painting stuff and create something with more soul init.



4 responses to “Batch painting

  1. The process sounds like torture, but the results speak for themselves.

    You will definitely learn skills from the speed painting process that you will he able to bring back into your more creative output. At least, I know that I certainly learned a lot from a speed painting/dipping phase that I went through a few years ago.

    Make sure to take a nice photo of the entire army set up on a gaming table before you run out of enthusiasm. The army must be huge now, I would love to see it all together. It may feel a bit soulless to you now, but it’s an impressive achievement from where I am sitting 🙂

  2. Its the only way to do it in my opinion, mind numbingly boring, but the best way, you get good results in the end but you have to wait what seems like a life time for the money shot. I have a hundred night goblins painted using this method, plough on you’ll get there 🙂

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