On and on and on and on…

It never ends! Empire soldiers is all I can see! Started on these on Saturday but I didn’t have time to finish the bases until now. So here they are, 7 outriders, 10 crossbowmen and 2 wizards. One lore of fire and one lore of shadows /heavens.








6 responses to “On and on and on and on…

  1. Mate, you’re the definition of a human assembly line! What’s the target here exactly and aren’t you worried about possible changes made by 9th?

    It all look most excellent though 😉

    • Yeah! I feel like it at least 🙂 The target is 10k before 9th ed 😉
      Almost, I’m aiming for 10k before 2016. A friend of mine have the same goal. And if the game or army book totally changes we’ll stick to 8th ed I guess 🙂

  2. I can’t see the game changing all that much in 9th tbh. I mean, the end times caused quite a stir, but I do like the changes (As I am a Vampire Counts player who can now shoot and doesn’t crumble when my general dies), and i can’t see anything changing drastically rules wise now, leading on to 9th.

    Anyway, your Empire models look great dude. I especially like the fire wizard there and how you have done those flames. Good stuff.

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