Pimpin Superstars and more grass

I’ve completed my super star Blitzer with a nice bull skull for the finals this weekend. He looks pimped at least, no problem to see the difference between him and the others with such a gigantic head! I put some grass on the other Goblins as well.









2 responses to “Pimpin Superstars and more grass

  1. OH! I love these!!!!!
    Orks/goblins will always have my heart. They were my first (and only personal) army to paint. Painting an ork like that is an amazing idea. I never would have thought of that!

    • I’m honoured 🙂 When I came up with the idea I thought somebody had done it before but nope. I have a similar feeling about orcs as well, my first painted figure were an orc and I think I’ve painted 500 of them after. Orcs ftw!

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