Massive and detailed walkways

I went to the DIY store this morning and bought some bulks for the walkways to give them more stability. It worked well. Also, I did some detailing and they and the big frame is now ready for painting. I will be ruined I guess thanks to all black undercoat…








4 responses to “Massive and detailed walkways

  1. Oooo paint soon. That’s going to be pretty cool. How is it playing on a table with so many levels? Do you find that it takes gangs forever to get into a scrap as the basic movement of 4 inches makes it tough when there’s so much ground to cover?

    • I hope so! 🙂 Yes, it changes the game slightly. I don’t play with everything every time though. And when I do, you really have to plan the set up well so all the levels are accessible. On the other hand it’s mostly for show 😉

      • Maybe a lift or two is the answer to help cover more ground, then a good spread of objectives to encourage full use of the setup.

        A game where there is something on the lowest and highest points would be cool, then have everyone start on the middle floor.

        Next project could be a monorail for moving gangers round. I bet Yelds love flying round all those levels.

      • Yeah, a monorail would be awesome! I’ve been thinking about this before but maybe it’s possible now when I have something to attach it to! The lift idea is interesting as well… Hmmm… Think, think, think!

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