Domination scenario

I played some games of necromunda tonight. One of the scenario, a new one, some kind of object domination. Unlike the scavengers scenario the objectives are stationary and you can’t hide  or be pinned while controlling them. There were some other differences as well. Over all a balanced and fun scenario. I took some photos of the game but it’s quite hard to see what happens. Still it’s possible to see the effect of the tiles in two levels. Happy gaming!







4 responses to “Domination scenario

  1. Fantastic setup! Really reminds me of the images and pictures that made Necromunda so visually appealing back in the 90s in WD but it felt like something I’d never achieve. With your stuff as an updated reference maybe I’ll manage it in the end 🙂

    • I’m honoured to be compared to the 90s WD setups. I think I know exactly which one you mean. That article were one of my greatest sources if inspiration. It’s quite fantastic to play on so I really hope you’re getting there! I’ll follow it with interest!

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