Went to my local game store after work today. Ooops, bought a box of Skitarii and a Taurox. I’ll try to make a new gang out of the Skitarii. What house would suit best in that case? I’m aming for some kind of machine cult still and think their skill choices works best. The Taurox will be converted into some kind of scenario specific transport vehicle. At last, I’m done with my crane terrain piece!









8 responses to “Ooops!

  1. The crane looks ace, love the warning label that gave me a chuckle. looking forward to seeing the new gang sounds like fun. Hmm transport vehicle senario? Sounds cool, plus crane? Sounds crazy?

    • On second thoughts. Flat back truck, plus crates of loot, plus crane to get crates into truck. You would have to have someone operating the crane at the top and someone else on the truck ready to drive away with the loot. All the while holding off the other gang.

      • Your welcome. One 9f my favourite things about following blogs is getting inspired by others work and then sharing ideas and seeing them come to life without having to do any of the work, because sadly there is not enough hours in the day to do all of the ideas.

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