Base my ass!

Whatever. Didn’t find a suitable title for this post. I did some bases for my planned mechachus cult but changed my mind and put together some more juves for my delaque gang which I’ll use some of the bases for. I started to hesitate considering the rules for the cult. I saw some fan made rules on yaktribe which seemed quite fine but I have no idea if they are balanced. And once you open up for experimental rules in a campaign everybody plays orcs and Marines which is not my aim. On the other hand I think they deserve some special rules, not only the standard house gang rules. I think I’ll wait a moment with the cult until I’ve decided. Any opinions on this hot topic?



5 responses to “Base my ass!

  1. Been a while since I played but I’m pretty good at balanced rules.
    Pot fighters would be my starting point for kit, then it depends on what the mechanicus cult is.
    Official representatives of the mechanicum or a rag tag cult of wannabes.
    If official then I follow the template of spyres or enforcers only with more bionics.
    If cult of rag tags then cheap bionics as house kit, pit fighter gear for heavies.

    Special stuff for both should include servitors who are immune to psychology and maybe guidance from other gang members. Have them upgradable but eith no xp, they could work a bit like possessed in mordhiem.

    • Thanks for the input Dan! My aim is a more ragtag unofficial gang. Maybe an outcast from the Cult. The pitslaves might be what I’m looking for here. I’ll study the rules and see what I can come up with!

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