Line of sight

A friend of mine bought this little gadget. A small camera with WiFi connection. Very useful when determining line of sight. On this terrain it sometimes impossible to get your head in to position to actually see what the mini sees. Connected to an iPad or similar it’s quite easy to get a view from the model’s perspective.


The size of the camera is not much larger than a model.


The view on the pad.


The camera is placed at the tank on the upper right.


This just another in game picture. Nothing to do with the camera.


4 responses to “Line of sight

  1. This is perfect! Also, it makes even more easier for the players to get into the atmosphere of the game looking (now literally) through the eyes of their gang members.

  2. Thats really cool. And you can screen shot from the pad for some great in game shots. Every time I see your boards I sports something new, each time I see something that really inspires me and help with my own plans. Soon as I done with my mordhiem stuff I’m going to have to dig out my 40k/Necromunder terrain.

    • That sounds awesome Dan! More necromunda for the people! I’d love to do some mordheim terrain as well. Played the game ten years ago. I must say it has the most charming atmosphere of all the old specialist games! Keep up the good work!

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