Touching up the Comits

I’m going to Stockbowl 6 this weekend and really needed to finish the last details on my Püffendorf Comits team. I varnished them as well. Conclusions :

1. If you can’t complete something at the first time, leave it or at least some areas totally unpainted. It’s very hard to detect if a model misses a highlight or some detail when it’s basepainted.

2. Make sure the undercoat is not grainy. It’s possibly easier to remove the undercoat and respray it rather than trying to smoothen it down with layers of paint. Washes are completely impossible to work with. To bad since this was my main technique on a white undercoat.

3. Some parts don’t look too great with a white undercoat. Metal for example. I’ll simply go back to ABC and brush paint some areas black first.

4. When painting on a white undercoat you don’t need that thick layers. This chips the pointy parts and the white paint peeks out. Use varnish!

5. At a distance everything looks great 🙂





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