Painted barrels

I gave my airbrush some work today. Painting 22 barrels felt like a perfect activity for my friday tired brain. The outcome looks pretty nice I think. I love working with the airbrush and washes!





9 responses to “Painted barrels

  1. Wouah! That sound great! But do you have a photo of the final result compare to a Necromunda figurine please? For comparing the size. 😉

  2. It’s beautiful ! Good painting. And compare to barrel’s of GW, they’re the same size ? Before copying you and order the box, I want to ensure me of the size 😉
    Or may be you have a photo with a figurine?

      • It does not matter for the delay, and if you can still post a picture with a figurine and/or a GW barrel’s, it would be great. Thank a lot ! 🙂

      • Great! Here’s a pic with two resin copies but they’re the same size as the originals. The small one is Tamiya and the large one is GW. Something in between would be perfect 🙂

      • I think you’ll start to blame me, but I can’t see, or find, your pic… 😦

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