Shaping up

The last two weeks I’ve been casting and casting and casting… Slowly towards something. Today I had enough pieces to put it all together. Finally! I’ve only got some windows and a pipe joint in the center left. Then the fun begins: detailing and painting. Maybe I’ll have some time playing on it as well 🙂








8 responses to “Shaping up

  1. Really cool! Is there some kind of ‘zone mortalis’ project? I must say that a ‘Necromunda mortalis’ would be extremely perfection, althought the amount of work it will need is pure madness.

    • Thanks Daxio! It will probably break all logistic boundaries I can break in my apartment at least. Haha… I’m planning for 2 or 3 sections like this but it might develop into a project of its own 🙂

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