Trial and error

I made a mould and casted the first torso but unfortunately it was too big so I decided to make a smaller one. I also sculpted some legs. Finally I think I’ve got the right size on both the upper and lower body. They fit sufficiently together but the colour is a problem. The white resin is quite hard to take pictures of and more important, it’s a bit hard to work with greenstuff on. Anyway, I think I’ll solve that. I made some attempts of sculpting a head. The first ones I won’t even show here. The hardest parts were the eyes so I decided to make the cap cover the eyes. Clever huh? The head on the picture is still a trial one. The larger torso is just there for reference as well.





4 responses to “Trial and error

  1. I think you have a great base here. Too many people get discouraged when things don’t turn out perfect the first time. I know you will convert this into a stunning success, your achievements are legendary!

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