Kit bashing

After meeting the Albion Fae team deadline I’m free again to do anything that falls me in! Got inspired by krautscientist’s blog posts about inquisitor 28 mm and picked some bits from my beloved bitbox and started something which might end up in a INQ28 project. No clue yet what this will be but I’ve got some AOS models from my friend tjub which I used as a base. I put a mechanicus head on and weapons from some space wolf sprue. It looks cool but I’m not into the fluff of inquisitor yet so I’ll have to do some research before putting any symbols or other signs on him. Maybe this project stays here and he’ll be a witch hunter character for some specific necromunda scenario. Maybe this is the start of something much bigger… Mohahah!




4 responses to “Kit bashing

  1. Great start. I love that head – I’m using it in a conversion of my own. If I may make a suggestion, you should run some cables from the lens-ports on the back of the piece you put on the figure’s shoulder pad to a backpack or something. Really tech this guy out!

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