More kit bashing

I’ve no clue what I’m doing. Found this standard bearer and fell sort of in love with the icons. Just had to convert it to something. The bolter made the pose more arrogant, like “I’m so super awesome I can even look super awesome when I shoot you in the face”. I think the head suits this figure as well. I’ll definitely follow Odies advice and get some cables a little here and there. Techy galore! Anyone have any suggestions of what to use these guys for? Inquisitors? I’m not very much into the 40k fluff being a fantasy player for too long.




18 responses to “More kit bashing

  1. Whoa! Nice change of wind — fluff is deepless and has enough holes to fit about anything but these models have bigger proportions compared to regular humans looking quite tough and graceful so I’d say these don’t look like some drug-pumped monstrosities — more like some secret Astartes chapter working for one of the Inquisition branches. Choice of weapons also seems SM but the pair of power fist and power hammer seem strange fluff-wise. Power-armor will require a back-pack for the standard guy, though. Hope that helps.

    Looking forward to see what this kind of approach leads you to — ’cause I always plan before I make a character.

  2. Thunder Warriors! Of course by the time of 40k they should all have died 10 thousand years ago but 40k has room for all kinds of strange things.

  3. There’s a Marine Chapter that work for the Inquisition a whole bunch. The Red Hunters. There’s a little bit of detail of them on the FW website if you look under Downloads, then “Forge World Space Marine Chapter Tactics V2”.

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