Another speed paint project 

A friend of mine, tjub, dumped some AOS stuff at my place and after a while in my bit box something happend: “hmm theese Khorne guys looks great, what to do with em…” Maybe cultists for a 40k army? Actually this is my first 40k army after 20 years in the business. I bought some used CSM stuff of another friend and will try to paint this stuff as quick as possible. I went for a black undercoat followed by a lighter Mephiston red spray. Then an orange drybrush and some gold to the edges. That’s almost about it! 


4 responses to “Another speed paint project 

  1. Khorne is pleased! The Bloodreavers make for excellent Khornate cultists indeed, and the quick recipe for Khornate Marines seems to work like a charm! However, I think you will need to make some changes to the slightly tired old plastic CSM, or they will end up looking far too weedy next to those AoS Bloodreavers 😉

    I am watching this with interest!

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