SWA Plague Marine 

Alright, long time no see blog. I’ve played a few games of shadow wars Armageddon and I think it’s a pretty nice game. Faster than necromunda but mostly the same. It’s a pleasure that it’s so easy to chose from almost all of GWs 40k range. So this time I’m trying to expand my old Scavvy Gang, using them as cultists for CSM. Here’s the first wip of some kind of Plague Marine. 


4 responses to “SWA Plague Marine 

  1. Whoa! Nice to see you’re back. Creations of yours always have a character and this happy-face is no exception. SWA is something I wouldn’t dare to dream about — Necro with any 40k (though having dozen-o-boyz butchered by a few harlies wasn’t part of that dream). There’re lists for using old Necro gangs in SWA on the web already, btw. Looking forward for more puss-dripping fatties…

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