Nurgle sorcerer question 

After a short talk with my lore and rules expert Mr Huggert I decided I need a sorcerer. With some blight knights left in the box this was not too hard accomplishing. But: Does the model need a backpack? The rest of my CSM got backpacks. The model looks great without it and fitting it to the back could cause troubles. And last but not least, I don’t have a single chaos backpack in my bit box! So, do I need one or not? He’s a sorcerer dammit, hasn’t he fixed whatever the backpack does in some magical way? Here’s how he looks without a backpack :


8 responses to “Nurgle sorcerer question 

  1. Well, it depends on who you play with or where you play of course, but in general I don’t think you really need to worry about a backpack for him, since he will have the default movement either way.

    Where it might get sticky for some people is if you ran him with a jump pack without having something on the model to indicate that he has one.

    All in all for casual, friendly play I don’t think the backpack is an issue at all.

  2. I would go with the rule of cool, too. BUT, what about a nurgling carrying around his backpack still connected to the sorcerer’s back? Not easy, I know, but…. nurglings!

      • I like this idea. One comment I would make is that he’s very cool but not very tech with only a bolt pistol which is easily overlooked. Not entirely needed but with the leather boots as well there is very little to suggest he’s in any real armour let alone power armour.
        That’s not necessarily a problem with a cool back story but a bit more tech would help root him in the 40k universe.

      • Yeah, that’s a little bit disturbing I agree. Maybe the backpack isn’t necessary but at least some techy stuff. I’ll see what my bit box has to offer!

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