Mixed Death Guard Stuff 

I’ve been having a cold for some days which always comes with the advantage of staying inside. The helbrute I’ve been working on is done. It turned out pretty well imo. I decided to add a backpack to the sorcerer from the previous post. Mainly because I needed some more tech stuff on him and a friend found a sorcerer backpack in my bit box. Didn’t look to carefully last time… Last but not least, I based an old model which I used for a necromunda scenario. A zombie driven mechanic walker(!) Well, it’s a bit inconvenient but I think I’ll use him as a helbrute with some close combat options. Here’s some pics:


2 responses to “Mixed Death Guard Stuff 

  1. The Brute look’s ace and I love the cheeky nurgling peeking out.
    A few cable from the pack to the sorcerer’s bloated body might help to tie the model together but either way he’ll look brilliant, the banner and vents add nicely to the silhouette.

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