The horde so far 

First of all I’ve managed to finish my chaos lord. Not much to say more than he’s ready for battle. Yeehaw! I did some touch ups on the zombie brute. I painted it in a more terrain like quality last time. I just did some highlights and shading. It looks much better now.

I gathered all the models I had available which could suit my new death guard horde. Most of them are necromunda scavvies. This is it:

  • Chaos Lord in terminator armour
  • 5 Plague Marines 
  • Helbrute w missile launcher 
  • Helbrute w some cc option
  • Spawn 
  • Ogryn, possibly a plague surgeon (suggestions welcome) 
  • 21 cultists including hounds
  • 22 poxwalkers

I need to finish some things though. Unify the bases with some rust pigments. Rebasing the hounds. Last of all I hope to complete my sorcerer and maybe the possessed unit before next Saturday. Well, back to work 😉 


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