About tNNb

thenickeninja’s blog is dedicated to wargaming and especially the hobby projects behind. To start with mostly Necromunda terrain but when that´s finished different things will show up. Keep your eyes open!

About me: I’ll keep it shortly, I’m a Swedish hobbyist with variuos interests but mainly wargames and making terrain. Mainly I play Warhammer Fantasy, Blood Bowl, Necromunda and Mordheim as well as some roleplaying games preferably Call of Cthulhu. I have also a not so uncomman fascination for old wars and probably you might see some of that here as well.


20 responses to “About tNNb

  1. Hi, me and a group of friends are thinking of making a similar game board to your abandoned city. Could you give any advice? thanks

    • Hi! Awesome! 1. Get a lot of old computers, printers and gadgets with fans inside. You can get it from schools, companies or just going to the toxic wastes 😉 2. Use some kind of heavy tiles as bases. I used some cheap bathroom tiles. Glue everything onto it and the weight will make it stable. 3. Use an airbrush, spraygun or just spray cans to cover most big areas and to get the shading. It will help getting the dusty look as well. 4. Most important, make sure you can actually reach all floors with your hands. Don’t make any loose roof solutions. It’s very clumsy when models are on the roof and you want to move models inside.
      Don’t hesitate to ask more if there’s something more you want to know. I made some tutorials as well here on the blog.

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