Thinning out the terrain and PIP random models

I bought some roofing felt some weeks ago thinking I could make some use of it converting my necromunda terrain into 40k terrain. I cut out some suitable pieces and place my necromunda tiles on them as blocks. It worked quite well. I’ll add some detail to it later, like oil stains and “thin rubble”, I need to store it folded and for flexibility I want to be able to place the tiles anywhere. I’ve made some painting  progress as well getting some colors on the cultist flamer, a leader and some kind of specialist for my kill team. Cheers! 


Kill Team 

Got tired before I’ve got started on the Khorne speed painting project. I like these models too much to just go over them with a dry brush. Some weeks ago I bought the kill team supplement and finally found a way to slow start the Khorne horde. I’m trying a little more ambitious paintingstyle at least. I hope I’ll see those guys in the dust and rubble soon! 

Putting it together 

I’ve been deep into the plastic crack this weekend. First I started with making more berzerkers. I now got 16. Love these models and the fit very well for berzerkers! Secondly I made a chaos lord on a juggernaut followed by 5 blood letters on juggernauts. Nothing to say specifically about it. Cut, filed, glued, repeat. Last I started on some more cultists. I needed some heavy weapons so I tried to fit the flamer to a blood reader. Easy! Not… But it looks nice now. 


I think I’m finished with this conversion now. I’ve added some armour plates and jaws around the head. I concealed the Grey knight signs on the cannon with some plastic strips. Maybe I’ll add some cables connecting the cannon with the armour. Here’s some pics! Cheers!