It is 12 years since I’ve began painting on a vampire counts army for Warhammer. I completed one skeleton. Some days ago picked up the old project again. A little bit easier and faster painting scheme this time. I magnetized the bases which makes it possible to switch between round and square allowing me to field them as both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer models. I went for a magic glowing theme making the skeletons glow like Etherals. It’s a bit different to the standard old bones scheme. Anyway, here’s some wip pictures!

Industrial machines WIP

A year ago I bought these totally awesome pieces of uselessness. I don’t really know what to do with them but maybe some paint could help. So I’ve started my favorite painting technique: RUST! Not really completed yet though. Need some more details but then they be ready for something 🙂

Doors and barricades

After yesterdays battle with the zone mortalis rules I got inspired to paint some of the terrain from the start box. So I undercoated the doors and barricades with mournfang brown, strippled them with slayer orange and finally drybrushed with runefang steel. I added some nuln oil to some of the recesses. After those steps the doors were quite ready for battle but I wanted some more details adding some graffiti, posters and more washes. Super quick! Over and out.

Cleavers, raider, surgeon and helbrute

I’ve been working on a little bit of everything. After the last battle I think I need some more marines kitted for close combat. Some hours later I’ve got these two darlings.

Last time I used a proxy Plague surgeon and I really liked the effects on the troops so I decided to make a real one. I made some injections from some old Dark Eldar bits.

I needed some more characteristic Nurgle stuff on my land raider so I added some scythes and bells. Feels complete now.

Finally I’ve made some small progress on the new helbrute. Not a big update but still some covering of Khorne runes with some yucky slime. Here’s some WIP pics.

Plague Machines

I’ve made some progress on the Rhino this week. The green hull is mostly done and now only the details are left. Famous last words….

I (Mr Huggert) found a chaos land raider in my extended bit box. Yay! It saved me 550 kr or 55 euros. Right now I’m in the progress of nueglifying it. When found it was heavily converted to a world eaters land raider so it cost some blood to turn it back to papa Nurgle again.

Finally I found an age of sigmar converted Khorne helbrute. Hmm… What to do? Replace the head with a nurgling. I’ll make some more conversions later.

Nurgle Rhino WIP

I started working on a death guard rhino to night. I think the standard chaos sprue is pretty boring so I decided to raid my bit box for more Nurgle themed details. Mainly I switched the marine in the tower for a pile of nurglings, put some large horns to the front and a claw from drone peeking out of the top hatch. I added some greenstuff details and a bell as some kind of ram. It’s magnetized so it has to dry separately. I’ll see if I can put it all together tomorrow night!