This piece was basically made from a printer paper tray and chassis. The raised area is mounted on a long laptop battery. The tank is made out of a juice can and the narrow end of it is attached to a computer fan cover. In the other end there’s a copper pipe turn. The fence is made from chicken mesh.  Most of the rubble is again made of circuit card components from laptops and printers. The cog wheel is from the printer mechanism and the concrete blocks are leftovers from Forge World models. The box under the tank is made from a Lascannon magazine. As on Sector 01 there is some corrugated card a little here and there.

The whole piece was first undercoated Chaos Black (GW). As sector 01 I started with airbrushing the ground and the ramp with Dark Sea Grey (VA). For the tank I used the hairspray technique which I will try to describe shortly. First I painted the tank in rust with Forge World pigments Aged Rust and Light Rust dabbing them on the can. After this stage I collected some hairspray and poured it into my airbrush and sprayed over the rust. When this was dry I sprayed it all over again with German Tank Green (VA). I put this to dry again and then soaked the whole tank in water. Then using a piece of balsa tree I scrapped and rubbed some of the green paint away leaving the rust underneath it. This gives the feeling of a real chipped surface.  The other rusty parts were painted as in Sector 01. When making the warning lines I started with masking a rectangular area of with Tamiya masking tape to get straight lines. When this was made I painted stripes of yellow and black freehanded. I used Tausept Oche (GW) and Chaos Black (GW) and the removed the tape. The small rubble details was painted in different foundation (GW) colours and then drybrushed with Codex Grey (GW) as the entire model. This was also applied for the really small components on the circuit cards resembling control boards. For the white “graffiti” I used my not too precise Aztec airbrush. I think it isn’t really made for this but I didn’t bother to repaint it. It looks like some really traded mutant tried to tag something cool but failed ie me J. The other hand painted graffiti tags were made using a small detail brush. There’s some signs and posters on these piece as well. The danger sign was just googled, reduced to size and printed. The instructions sign was made in MS Word and printed. The missing poster was made from a googled picture put into a word file with some text. They were fitted with wood glue and then painted with some various inks. The whole model was finally splashed with different diluted black and brown colours as well as some inks again. Finally the number 02 was sprayed on using a template.

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