This piece is mainly based on CD-storage cans, plastic pipes, a pipe junction and a paper tube for some medical instrument. The CD cans were attached to the tile and connected with the pipes. In the tall paper tube the pipes actually go into the tube. On the CD cans the pipe was carved to fit instead. In the middle there is a cable junction thing upside down. The mesh from a computer loudspeaker was put on as a lid. As with 01 and 02 various broken circuit cards and components were spread out as well as some Forge World model leftovers resembling car stopping concrete blocks. The ladders were made from chicken mesh again. On top of one of the cisterns is a computer fan, still working at least man powered J

The ground was airbrushed with Dark Sea Grey (VA) and the cisterns with German Tank Green (VA) and Interior Green (VA) and Black Grey (VA). The edges were highlighted with the airbrush again using some sand colour from VA. The rusty parts were made as on Sector 01. The rubble and broken circuit card was painted with various foundation paints (VA) and then drybrushed together with the whole model  with Codex Grey (GW) and probably some Chainmail (GW) as well. The canisters on edge (condensators from a circuit card) was painted with Merchite Red (GW) and then washed with Ogryn Flesh (GW).  One of the graffiti tags were painted by a friend so I have no clue of how it’s made J The bottom of the centre junction under the mesh was filled with a mix of wood glue, Gloss Varnish (GW),Water, Catachan Green (GW) and White (Vallejo). Some of it was also applied to the mesh. I tried to resemble some kind of toxic waste slime or similar. Most of the posters are just googles posters reduced to size, printed, glued to the wall with wood glue and then wash with some ink from GW. The number 03 and NE3 were painted on with an airbrush and templates. For the sprayed graffiti I used my airbrush which worked quite nice this time. The FRAK tag was made with a mix of Blazing Orange (GW ) and White (VA). I did some handpainted tags as well just using a standard brush. The N and O were highlighted a little bit in the middle and I tried to make it look like the paint had run down along the concrete. The whole model was then splashed with various inks and diluted paints.

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