Nurgle sorcerer question 

After a short talk with my lore and rules expert Mr Huggert I decided I need a sorcerer. With some blight knights left in the box this was not too hard accomplishing. But: Does the model need a backpack? The rest of my CSM got backpacks. The model looks great without it and fitting it to the back could cause troubles. And last but not least, I don’t have a single chaos backpack in my bit box! So, do I need one or not? He’s a sorcerer dammit, hasn’t he fixed whatever the backpack does in some magical way? Here’s how he looks without a backpack :


Chaotic conversions 

I made some fun conversions today. First out, a nurgling powered helbrute. I wanted a more organic look than the original so I switched the feet for hooves and powerfist for a giant hand. With some greenstuff touch ups it looks quite cute I think. 

I made some nurglifications on my old khorne project possessed. Only some head swaps and slime. It’s easy to see what’s the latest additions (not red). 

Finally I made a chaos lord out of three kits. Legs from the free khorne champion from white dwarf. Torso and head from the standard chaos character set. Belly from the putrid blight knights set. And then some greenstuff details. Ta da! 

Happy nerd year 

Refusing to celebrate these heathen rites called new year’s eve I surprisingly found some inspiration to paint some Plague Marines. That’s something totally substantial to celebrate all you Wine sipping hipsters out there 😉 Well, I went on with my 5 man squad which is now complete with a leader and some kind of heavy weapon. I haven’t really checked the rules yet for weapon options. Actually, I haven’t even played with the “new” edition rules. But I have some serious plans to do that in two weeks. May Nurgle be with me! Anyway, here’s the new marines and a shot of the complete squad. 

2 Plague Marines 

My first two models as a father. It only took 4 months. Been working too much on my lifesize Nurgling 🙂 Well, here’s two marines painted for my death guard army. I found out that with the new rules I can use my old necromunda Plague zombies as poxwalkers and the scavvies as cultists so I’m heading for a 1000 pts army for Christmas. Need to paint some more marines though.

Ready for painting 

I’ve made some final details to the new Plague Marines. One of them was adding a longer barrel to the autocannon. Most of the work was filling some joints with greenstuff. Another standard marine came to life as well. I love the CSM heads on the Blight  King bodies. It will be a pleasure painting these figures. 

Blight Knight conversions

My friend Mr Huggert convinced me to buy a pack of blight knights today. Wow! Awesome models for converting to Plague Marines. I also converted an old Warhammer fantasy champion of Nurgle to a chaos gunner and slightly changed the gear of my previous attempt. Here’s some WIP pics.