Kill Team 

Got tired before I’ve got started on the Khorne speed painting project. I like these models too much to just go over them with a dry brush. Some weeks ago I bought the kill team supplement and finally found a way to slow start the Khorne horde. I’m trying a little more ambitious paintingstyle at least. I hope I’ll see those guys in the dust and rubble soon! 


Putting it together 

I’ve been deep into the plastic crack this weekend. First I started with making more berzerkers. I now got 16. Love these models and the fit very well for berzerkers! Secondly I made a chaos lord on a juggernaut followed by 5 blood letters on juggernauts. Nothing to say specifically about it. Cut, filed, glued, repeat. Last I started on some more cultists. I needed some heavy weapons so I tried to fit the flamer to a blood reader. Easy! Not… But it looks nice now. 


I think I’m finished with this conversion now. I’ve added some armour plates and jaws around the head. I concealed the Grey knight signs on the cannon with some plastic strips. Maybe I’ll add some cables connecting the cannon with the armour. Here’s some pics! Cheers! 

Berzerkers and obliterators 

I hade some khorne warriors from the aos start set lying around being unused. Awesome models but I’m not really an aos fan. I think this conversion actually worked out really well. But I’m not to into 40k, maybe they look like riders without steeds in fantasy?! I assembled some obliterators I’ve got from Mr Huggert as well, changing the heads to blend in with the rest of the army.