Possessed painting 

Just a quick update. I’ve started on my possessed unit. Two of them are almost done and the others have at least one coat of paint on every surface. I hope to finish them this week. That’s it for now!


Escher ganger

I played a game of Necromunda last weekend. The new rules are fantastic in my opinion. They fixed everything I wanted to be fixed with the older versions. Especially the order of activation of models. Love it! The new models are quite nice as well so I thought I’ll paint the Escher gang exactly as described. Here’s a prototype for my new gang. I tried something new undercoating with yellow this time. Works quite nice with all the bright colors. 

The horde so far 

First of all I’ve managed to finish my chaos lord. Not much to say more than he’s ready for battle. Yeehaw! I did some touch ups on the zombie brute. I painted it in a more terrain like quality last time. I just did some highlights and shading. It looks much better now.

I gathered all the models I had available which could suit my new death guard horde. Most of them are necromunda scavvies. This is it:

  • Chaos Lord in terminator armour
  • 5 Plague Marines 
  • Helbrute w missile launcher 
  • Helbrute w some cc option
  • Spawn 
  • Ogryn, possibly a plague surgeon (suggestions welcome) 
  • 21 cultists including hounds
  • 22 poxwalkers

I need to finish some things though. Unify the bases with some rust pigments. Rebasing the hounds. Last of all I hope to complete my sorcerer and maybe the possessed unit before next Saturday. Well, back to work 😉 


To muster the forces a little quicker I will convert some of my old fantasy models to 40k. I don’t think there are that many suitable models but first and maybe last is this Slaansesh spawn. It suits the color scheme and it’s a funny twist (of faith) that it’s Slaansesh marked. I’ll figure out some appropriate background story later. Well, here it is with a brand new round base.

Mixed Death Guard Stuff 

I’ve been having a cold for some days which always comes with the advantage of staying inside. The helbrute I’ve been working on is done. It turned out pretty well imo. I decided to add a backpack to the sorcerer from the previous post. Mainly because I needed some more tech stuff on him and a friend found a sorcerer backpack in my bit box. Didn’t look to carefully last time… Last but not least, I based an old model which I used for a necromunda scenario. A zombie driven mechanic walker(!) Well, it’s a bit inconvenient but I think I’ll use him as a helbrute with some close combat options. Here’s some pics: