20 skeletons done

I’m done with a very mixed unit of 20 skeleton warriors. Later I won’t use the Sepulchural Guard as regular rank and file troops but for now they add some interesting variaty. It all went quite fast following the ‘hexwraiths made easy’ tutorial from Warhammer community. Great guide, make sure to check it out! I usually don’t use washes that much but now I can’t see a good reason to go back to my old techniques with tonnes of layering. Well, that it for now!


It is 12 years since I’ve began painting on a vampire counts army for Warhammer. I completed one skeleton. Some days ago picked up the old project again. A little bit easier and faster painting scheme this time. I magnetized the bases which makes it possible to switch between round and square allowing me to field them as both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer models. I went for a magic glowing theme making the skeletons glow like Etherals. It’s a bit different to the standard old bones scheme. Anyway, here’s some wip pictures!

Industrial machines WIP

A year ago I bought these totally awesome pieces of uselessness. I don’t really know what to do with them but maybe some paint could help. So I’ve started my favorite painting technique: RUST! Not really completed yet though. Need some more details but then they be ready for something 🙂

Van Saar

I’ve started a Van Saar gang once before but it never reached the Underhive. It was a bit easier this time without the need to convert the models. Still I did some head swaps with noble empire heads. I went all in on the upcoming customization of the gang, magnetizing both heads and arms to be able to change later. The color scheme was pretty simple. I left most of the model unpainted… But sprayed with standard mechanicus grey and then highlighted. The skin tone is pretty pale due to the poor health of the van Saar house. That’s about it. Here’s some pictures:

Doors and barricades

After yesterdays battle with the zone mortalis rules I got inspired to paint some of the terrain from the start box. So I undercoated the doors and barricades with mournfang brown, strippled them with slayer orange and finally drybrushed with runefang steel. I added some nuln oil to some of the recesses. After those steps the doors were quite ready for battle but I wanted some more details adding some graffiti, posters and more washes. Super quick! Over and out.

Necromunda review

During the last month I’ve been playing two games of Necromunda. One with the Gang War I rules and another with the Zone Mortalis rule set. I think the new rules are wonderful. Everything I’ve been thinking about that needed fixing is fixed. Especially the “I go – you go” turn sequence. Good to get rid of that 18 years into the new millenia. To move one fighter at a time were actually one of the house rules we made before the new edition. What I also like is the chain activation making leaders use their leadership to more than just morale. There are so many things I like with the new rule set but just to mention some of them: Ammo aren’t gone forever when failing an ammo test. The game is somewhat streamlined and quicker. Finally the campaign system is not so complex anymore making it more available for people like me which can’t play a game every other night.

Another good thing that has nothing to do with the rules is the feel of the game. I think GW was successful in keeping the good part of the 80ies punk feel but leaving the blood red era behind.

Here’s some pics from this amazing revived game!